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Since stablished in 1999, we have successfully developed the professional career of hundreds of top level athletes and coaches.
We have a strong knowledge of the market, which allow us to fulfill the needs and requirements of not only our athletes, but also those of the teams.
Every relationship merits our utmost personal service, so we can live up to our own profesional standards.
We search to procure fruitful and long-lasting careers for our athletes, based on our passion and dedication to the sport.

Services we offer

Contract Negotiation

We dedicate ourselves to optimize results for our athlete’s talent, as well as to offer the best signing options for teams involved.

Legal and Tax Assitance

We have our own in-house department specialized in Sports Law to guarantee first-hand top advice.

Career Planning and Educational Programmes

Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our athletes and therefore we procure post-career professional advice and programmes.

Team Prisma

PRISMA GESTION has a wide team of dedicated professionals, whose goal is to offer their legal, financial and communication services to our athletes. We value our dedication to stay close and to make ourselves constantly available  for our athletes and coaches, not only from our Madrid and Valladolid Headquarters, but anywhere.

Founding Partners

Higinio Alonso
Higinio Alonso

Founding Partner and Sports Agent

Higinio Alonso has a full degree in Industrial Technical Engineer from the University of Valladolid. After his first steps in the engineering industries, when he founded his first two tech companies, he started his Sports Agent career in 1.986. He is also a FIFA licensed agent since 1.997, and has had a personal impact in the successful development of the career of hundreds of basketball and soccer players. E-mail: halonso@prisma-gestion.es 
Feliciano Casanova
Feliciano Casanova

Founding Partner

Feliciano Casanova is a Doctor in Law and active lawyer. He has a Masters in Sports Law from the University of Lerida (Spain), and a seating member of Spanish Association for Sports Law. His professional career has always been tied to the practice of law in sports, not only in common court, but also in arbitrary cases and sports committees. Nowadays, he is also part of the teaching body of the INEFC (Master Oficial en Derecho Deportivo), in Lerida.

Some of our players and coaches

Our Headquarters

Address: Calle Edgar Neville, 3, 28020, Madrid.
Address: Calle San Ignacio, 9, 47003, Valladolid.